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    Hello World

    He’s here, he’s real, he’s so small. I don’t know how many times I repeated that to Patrick in the afternoon and¬†evening of the 6th of February. The day we finally…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Hello Snowstorm

    Here I was thinking we might not get any snow this winter. Boy was I wrong! We decided to go for a walk today after our usual Saturday early morning grocery…

  • DIY & Crafts Pregnancy & Baby

    The baby collection

    With last years craziness heavily limiting my normal ways of creative output (event photos, studio photos, you name it) and a little one on the way I turned to sewing and…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Hello Maternity Leave

    January is here and with that my maternity leave. It’s a strange feeling, all though I think last years chaos and staying at home so much helped me ease into it.…

  • Lifestyle

    New Years Fondue

    We chose a calm and corona safe dinner at home for new years, just the two of us, the bump and Milo. Fondue, alcohol free pear cider (major craving!) and lava…

  • Lifestyle Pregnancy & Baby

    Winter Walks

    While we did miss out on all the snow that all of the sudden fell in Stockholm over Christmas we did get one crispy cold sunny day of forest walks and…

  • Lifestyle Pregnancy & Baby

    Merry Christmas 2020

    First of all, a very merry Christmast to all of you! I’m so thankful to be celebrating this one with my closest family, that we could make it work despite this…

  • Lifestyle

    Baby cuddles and a new wardrobe

    Yesterday I spent all day in the city with these two cuties. Malin needed a completely new wardrobe and I wanted baby cuddles, match made in heaven haha! Lunch sallad and…

  • Lifestyle

    The Reveal Wall

    I’ve had this dream and vision for years now. Of a wall of fine art prints, something to really wow a client, to give them a huge impression and the magical…