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    Good Morning Monday

    Hello and good morning Monday! I’m so happy to be back! I mean I was here last week too, just deep in flu-ville and too tired to know my own name. But it’s finally letting up and I’ve decided to take on this week and make it a good one. I have a bunch of administrative work line up but also a portrait consultation and a shoot that I’m really looking forward to. I’m shooting one of my photography colleagues…

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    How I could have had my morning coffee

    I could have had my morning coffee liks this, calm and rested with a nice magazine. Instead I’m fighting the flu, stuck in our hotel room in Lisbon. I’ve barely set…

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    A little bit of both worlds

    I’m struck by the inner struggle of wanting more winter, a real winter, and the longing for spring, for the light. Because not a single day this winter did I have…