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    Becoming an aunt

    My little sister, an aunt. I think she might have been as excited as I was when I got pregnant. She was so ready to become an aunt and you can really feel her love for Nico.  Like she told me “I’ll be the cool aunt you can come to with all your problems that you don’t want to discuss with your parents”. I so hope that’ll be true and that they get to have that bond. There’s no one…

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  • Pregnancy & Baby

    A Big Pile of Gifts

    We arrived in Lund a few days ago to a big pile of gifts for Nico. This little guys is so spoiled and so lucky to have so many people who…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Meeting the Grand Parents

    Finally! I’ve really been looking forward to introducing Nico to his grand parents mormor and morfar. After five weeks of life with Nico I’m fully on board with the fact that…

  • Pregnancy & Baby


    “Does he look like mom or dad?” I think that’s one of the most common questions when you have a baby. The answer obviously does not matter but I find the…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Going Home

    It feels so surreal that we get to bring you hoe today little one. It wasn’t just a cool weekend at the hospital, we get to have an actual real life…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Hello World

    He’s here, he’s real, he’s so small. I don’t know how many times I repeated that to Patrick in the afternoon and evening of the 6th of February. The day we finally…

  • Lifestyle Pregnancy & Baby

    Winter Walks

    While we did miss out on all the snow that all of the sudden fell in Stockholm over Christmas we did get one crispy cold sunny day of forest walks and…

  • Lifestyle Pregnancy & Baby

    Merry Christmas 2020

    First of all, a very merry Christmast to all of you! I’m so thankful to be celebrating this one with my closest family, that we could make it work despite this…