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    Meatballs for the people

    When Patricks parents visited last weekend we wanted to treat them to something typically Swedish. We found a restaurant with good reviews and we were not disappointed. ‘Meatballs for the people’ is a casual restaurants which only serves different kinds of meatballs. If you go, make sure you order the deluxe plate, it was definitely the best out of the ones we ordered. Today is one of those day’s where I’ll just pull the blankets closer and stay on the…

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  • Lifestyle

    Dumpling Party

    Slowly emerging from under the blankets I’ve been hiding in for the past few days. I came home Tuesday and jetlag has had me dead ever since. Today we decided on…

  • Travel

    Ramen through my phone

    Being swamped with work, early call times and jetlag are eating up most of my time and energy but yesterday we finally made it out of the arena, out of the…

  • Travel

    Underground Food Market

    Chicken nuggets, deep fried pizza and Nutella filled churros. Hello America! Maybe not my healthiest meal but wow it was good! The fried pizza might sound strange but it gave the…

  • Lifestyle

    Birthday Dinner

    I had an amazing birthday yesterday. Breakfast and presents, work in the city, bought a couple of birthday gifts for myself (will show you once I have good photos) and the…

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    Date Night and Ramen

    We don’t exactly celebrate our “monthly anniversaries” but we tend to go for a nice restaurant dinner just the two of us once a month. A tradition I really like. We…

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    Fabrique Stenugnsbageri

    We decided, quite spontaneously, to do a quick stop in Stockholm over New Years with a tiny bit of exploring an a New Years dinner with friends. I wanted to show…

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    KBBQ in Korea Town

    The birthday boy wanted Korean Barbeque, so that’s what he got. After asking our LA friends for the best KBBQ place several people recommended Jjukku Jjukku BBQ in Korea Town here…