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    Mainz Christmas Market – a tradition I love

    We started this tradition in 2017 when we first started dating and I have every intention of keeping it forever. I love the German Christmas Markets and the on in Mainz holds a special place in my heart by now. No snow and crazy warm but we went with open jackets and enjoyed all the food. This is the day where you don’t have any breakfast and you go to the market right before lunch so you have space for…

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    Mainz Christmas Market

    And then it was time again, for a now yearly tradition, the Christmas Market in Mainz. We had all our favorit Christmas Market food and tried some new stuff as well.…

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    A very merry Christmas

    Despite unplanned airport adventures, delays, lost bags and various backlashes this Christmas has been amazing. Not only did I get to spend it with my family and my special someone, I…

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    Mainz Christmas Market

    If there’s one thing Germany does right, it’s Christmas markets. I absolutely adore all the lights and all the pretty things and the glorious smell och Christmas foods and sweets and…