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    Balcony Update

    So we finally got around to furnish and decorate the balcony. At first I did drawings for building my own lounge-couch/bed solution but it just felt like a project we would never get the time to finish. So I looked around at about every outdoor furniture store we have in Sweden but the measurements where always off. Our balcony is 190cm deep and I wanted the couch to cover all of that, no more no less, and at the same…

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  • Lifestyle

    Happy Easter

    I’m not much for easter decorations, one million colourful feathers just isn’t me. But Patrick is all about seasonal decor so when we were at Depot in Mainz I made it…

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    Origins and Destinations

      The only frames that are actually hanging on our walls. You have no idea how nervous I was when hanging these, on our freshly painted walls haha. But I’m really…

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    Filled Frames

    Last week I finally got around printing photos and artwork for the frames in our bedroom. I chose two of our own photos from our 2017 Italy roadtrip as it’s two…

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    Neutral Colors

    I try to avoid bright colors at home, I’m more of a neutral colors kind of person. White, sand, beige and gray are my favourites. Pretty clear from looking at our…