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    Birthday Pizza

    Months of silence here for so many reasons. A broken web host, a ton of work and travel and lately very shaky health. But I’m back, I hope. I’m working on a little summary post because so many things happened since I last posted that I want documented here. But first, Happy Birthday to me! I woke up to a pancake breakfast and a table full of presents. Spoiled doesn’t begin to describe it! We now have a beautiful Smeg…

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  • Lifestyle

    I miss my bed

    Hotel beds in all their glory but oh how I miss my own bed. We definitely need a few more decorations, bedside lamps and actual pictures in the frames but this room…

  • Lifestyle

    A little off track

    Sometimes you slip. You end up off track. Not according to plan. And that’s ok. It’s not failure. It’s learning, refocusing, and getting back on track. Did I mean to leave…

  • Lifestyle

    A little bit of both worlds

    I’m struck by the inner struggle of wanting more winter, a real winter, and the longing for spring, for the light. Because not a single day this winter did I have…

  • Lifestyle

    Puppy fluff and busy times

    Sometimes, after busy weeks with little downtime, all you really need is to bury your face in puppy fluff, take ten deep breaths and relax. So that’s what I did. All…