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    Choosing colors

    I went to the apartment and had a second look today! Now I’m even more excited for the move! Met the painter there and checked the conditions of the walls and…

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    Dining table, Lime paint and Ramen

    We walked around in a rainy Stockholm full of fall feelings today on the hunt for a few things for the apartment. We’ve decided to repaint the living room (the old…

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    Neutral Colors

    I try to avoid bright colors at home, I’m more of a neutral colors kind of person. White, sand, beige and gray are my favourites. Pretty clear from looking at our…

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    A tribute to our Cologne Apartment

    Boxes. Boxes everywhere. Life is all about boxes right now. 72 of them to be exact. How we managed to fit that into our 36m2 studio apartment is still a mystery…