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    Sunset Rooftops

    Sometimes you just have to sneak a way for a short moment and do a sunset photoshoot with a good friend. Working in arenas is different. If you compare it to a normal office you would work 9-5 in a room with windows and constantly be aware of the daylight and have a feeling for what time of day it is. When we work in arenas we can spend 10-14h in a room or hall with no windows and no…

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  • Travel

    Ramen through my phone

    Being swamped with work, early call times and jetlag are eating up most of my time and energy but yesterday we finally made it out of the arena, out of the…

  • Lifestyle

    Pool life

    When you wake up before your friends and you sneak out through the glass doors and sit down with a coffee in the sun next to the pool. That’s life. Yesterday…

  • Lifestyle

    Small pieces of luxury

    To splurge on something luxurious. Not for anyone else but for you. It so important to let yourself indulge in a few small pieces of luxury and to feel nice. Because…

  • Travel

    KBBQ in Korea Town

    The birthday boy wanted Korean Barbeque, so that’s what he got. After asking our LA friends for the best KBBQ place several people recommended Jjukku Jjukku BBQ in Korea Town here…

  • Lifestyle

    On the other side of the lens

    The morning light in California is like nothing else. If I could only pick one thing to bring home with me, that would be it. The mist over the mountains, the…