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    My love

    My love for this guy knows no limits. He’s just that one person who can lift me up from the deepest of lows and bringa smile to my face. He’s also the first person I want to share happy news with. He’s the guy I explore new countries with, the guy I dance with in the kitchen while making dinner, the guy I play video games with, the guy who motivates me to do a better job and be a…

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  • Lifestyle

    A weekend in the city

    We had an absolutely magical weekend. One to remember for a long time. Cold and crispy, a little bit of snow and all the sunshine you can squeeze in during a…

  • Lifestyle

    Date Night in Halmstad

    We had a magical evening last night. Took the car in to Halmstad and walked along the water before taking a seat at the cinema with a huge box of bacon…

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    Order restored. Finally he’s back. Our little family is complete again. I spent the last two day buried in bookkeeping and finances for my company. And this morning me and Milo…

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    My first love

    These two. My rock. My first love. My amazing mom and dad. They’re always there and they always have my back. I’m so thankful to have just them as parents. I’m…

  • Lifestyle

    Six months with him

    Six months of love, of travel, of adventures. Six months with him. It’s weird yet not at all how life can change but stay the same over night. Two years as…

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    A very merry Christmas

    Despite unplanned airport adventures, delays, lost bags and various backlashes this Christmas has been amazing. Not only did I get to spend it with my family and my special someone, I…

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    Milo my Milo

    Today is one of those days when all I want is to hug my little puppy (ok he’s 4 years old but to me he will always be my puppy) and…

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    Santa Monica Love

    Two years ago we were here together for the first time. As new found best friends on a completely empty, cold and stormy Santa Monica Beach. We shot one of the…