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    Spring Sundays

    What a Sunday! The last one in March on top of that. It was sunny and beautiful and we both really wanted to believe in spring, despite the ice cold winds. This is just an easy 10 minute drive from our apartment. I love living close to water and nature. A 1.5h walk here and we both got an overdose of fresh air. We also found this little building on a hill. It is the most perfect little place for…

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    Snow Days

    After our weekly grocery shopping (almost always get that done on Saturdays, a habit from Germany I think where all stores were closed on Sundays) Patrick suggested to go for a…

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    Skinnarviksberget at sunset

    This place is so dreamy and the view is magical. Looking out over all of Stockholms rooftops I’d say this must be one of the best viewing points in the city.…