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    Balcony Update

    So we finally got around to furnish and decorate the balcony. At first I did drawings for building my own lounge-couch/bed solution but it just felt like a project we would never get the time to finish. So I looked around at about every outdoor furniture store we have in Sweden but the measurements where always off. Our balcony is 190cm deep and I wanted the couch to cover all of that, no more no less, and at the same…

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  • Lifestyle

    Beach Puppy and Fall Feelings

    The thunder is rumbling outside the window and the first little feelings of fall appear. I love summer, love the heat and the sea and summer dresses and late sunsets. But…

  • Lifestyle

    Flowers and coffee and the early sun

    Slowly sipping a latte in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and enjoying this last day of our mini vacation to the fullest. Soon it will be all boxes and moving…