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    Mainz Sunsets

    We finally made it to Patricks parents, just in time to watch the beautiful sunset over the fields outside their house. It seems flying in December is always crazy and this one was no different. We had to wait for our bags for 2,5h at the airport (they arrived on the same plane as us) because “there was so much snow”. Let’s just say we didn’t exactly agree with their comments but all is good in the end, we got…

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  • Travel

    Sunset Rooftops

    Sometimes you just have to sneak a way for a short moment and do a sunset photoshoot with a good friend. Working in arenas is different. If you compare it to…

  • Lifestyle

    Hello September

    Tonight we had the perfect evening by the water. After we finished work we took the subway to city and walked over the bridge to statshuset. Found a bench and sat…

  • Lifestyle

    Collecting Sunsets

    We’re collecting sunsets. We walk down to the beach every evening and watch the sun dip into the sea. The fall feelings I mentioned earlier disapered again yesterday and the evening…