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    Collecting Sunsets

    We’re collecting sunsets. We walk down to the beach every evening and watch the sun dip into the sea. The fall feelings I mentioned earlier disapered again yesterday and the evening was beautiful. Dinner on the terrace and the na slow walk down to the water, just the two of us. And Milo of course. He’s really following us everywhere. Like when I was balancing on the tree trunk and Patrick also jumped on it to take a few photos.…

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    Beach Puppy and Fall Feelings

    The thunder is rumbling outside the window and the first little feelings of fall appear. I love summer, love the heat and the sea and summer dresses and late sunsets. But…

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    Vacation mode on

    When you take a little nap on the couch. And then later in a lounge chair in the garden. With a sleeping dog on the tummy, a dog that smells of…

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    First day in Sweden

    And the first day in Sweden is over. And what a day. Slept long as we didn’t get to bed until 3am and woke to prettiest of lights though the white…