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    Smoothie bowls and Saturday chill

    Good morning friends! A slow morning with smoothie bowls and puppy cuddles. Sanna made smoothie bowls last weekend and it was so good I just had to try and make my own today. Made one with raspberry and banana for my sister and one wiht mango and coconut for me. Yum! Heading out for a long walk with the dogs in a little bit and then off to the crafts store withy my dad. I’ve designed a lamp for the…

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    Girls night

    Dinner, Friday night snacks and a chill evening with my sister. Some Fridays are better than others! We’re cuddled up on the couch with the dogs and tomorrow we’re going for…

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    A weekend on the sun deck

    A calm weekend at our friends house and I’ve been doing mostly nothing. Relaxed on the couch on the sun deck and slowly flipped through interior design magazines, dreaming of our…

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    Slow Days and Sunday Pancakes

    We too have days where not much happens. Today was one of those days. My family brought Milo back to Lund yesterday (we can’t bring him to the friends we’re staying…