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Back in Stockholm

We’re back in Stockholm and back to daily life and finding some sort of routines. Brand new routines I’ve discovered as Nico is completely different now than one and a half weeks ago when we left home. He flew through the firsst leap and had major development while¬† were at my parents place. He went from smiling every now and then, half of it intentional half of it questionable, to full on laughing, to smiling when he sees us, to “talking” to us and making the cutest little sounds. He now also actually starts to enjoy high contrast toys which makes playing with him even more fun.

So with this new and more awake Nico comes trying to find new routines. He’s now old enough to not sleep all the time but still young enough that you can’t set real schedules yet. Figuring out this inbetween is complicated butI’m sur we’ll get there!




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