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    Come on spring, you got this

    Come on spring, you got this! I believe in you! Please come back! Oh the struggle. It is freezing cold outside. There are even a couple of snowflakes tumling around now and then. Nothing that sticks, but still. What happened to spring? It was going so well! Yesterday I turned off all screens at 10 and read for an hour. Maybe that’s the key. I slept so much better than the last few nights I would say it was definitely…

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    More Coffee Please

    A very Monday kind of Monday morning. Winter is back (I mean it’s snowing outside!), bad sleep and in phone queues with two different companies trying to get stuff sorted. Lots…

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    My Beautiful Friend

    Yesterday I had Sara over for lunch and a mini image viewing session. Doing what I do for friends and relatives is so special. To be able to give this gift…

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    New Cases

    Sometimes it’s the little things. Like a couple of new phone cases in the perfect colors, with the perfect patterns, that just brightens your day. These landed in my mail box…

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    March Summary

    I can’t believe March has already come to an end! It’s spring (ah well, some days at least haha) and the sun is back! March kicked off with a skiing trip…

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    Spring Sundays

    What a Sunday! The last one in March on top of that. It was sunny and beautiful and we both really wanted to believe in spring, despite the ice cold winds.…

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    Studio Days

    Oh how I love this space, my studio, my pride. It still dawns on me some mornings when I’m curled up on the couch and I glance over, I have a…

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    Good Morning Monday

    Hello and good morning Monday! I’m so happy to be back! I mean I was here last week too, just deep in flu-ville and too tired to know my own name.…

  • Travel

    In the slope

    If I was scared? Yes, I was shaking like a leaf and there might have been a tear or two (good thing I’m wearing glasses so no one sees haha). If…

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    Spa day in the alps

    Finally, back to life! I feel like a new person after today. Yesterday we woke up early for a 6am departure towards Austria. A 7 hour drive from Mainz and we…