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    My love

    My love for this guy knows no limits. He’s just that one person who can lift me up from the deepest of lows and bringa smile to my face. He’s also the first person I want to share happy news with. He’s the guy I explore new countries with, the guy I dance with in the kitchen while making dinner, the guy I play video games with, the guy who motivates me to do a better job and be a…

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  • Lifestyle

    Filled Frames

    Last week I finally got around printing photos and artwork for the frames in our bedroom. I chose two of our own photos from our 2017 Italy roadtrip as it’s two…

  • Lifestyle

    Decorating the tree

    Hello december, finally we’re here! I realised already when looking at the ads for this apartment back in april that we would have space for a Christmas tree, something that hasn’t…

  • Lifestyle Travel

    November Summary

    Summarising another month and it just gives me so much appreciation for life and the things I get to see and do. November was filled of activities and travel but it…

  • Lifestyle

    Meatballs for the people

    When Patricks parents visited last weekend we wanted to treat them to something typically Swedish. We found a restaurant with good reviews and we were not disappointed. ‘Meatballs for the people’…

  • Lifestyle

    Skinnarviksberget at sunset

    This place is so dreamy and the view is magical. Looking out over all of Stockholms rooftops I’d say this must be one of the best viewing points in the city.…

  • Lifestyle

    A weekend in the city

    We had an absolutely magical weekend. One to remember for a long time. Cold and crispy, a little bit of snow and all the sunshine you can squeeze in during a…

  • Lifestyle

    Our Kitchen

    I thought it was finally time to properly show of our kitchen. I’d say it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with this place and we haven’t…

  • Lifestyle

    Dumpling Party

    Slowly emerging from under the blankets I’ve been hiding in for the past few days. I came home Tuesday and jetlag has had me dead ever since. Today we decided on…

  • Lifestyle

    I miss my bed

    Hotel beds in all their glory but oh how I miss my own bed. We definitely need a few more decorations, bedside lamps and actual pictures in the frames but this room…