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    A daily routine

    Good morning Monday! It feels like finally, after half an eternity, we have some sort of routine. Some sort of “everyday life” that kind of chugs on. I like it. We had no plans this weekend and spent it at home fixing little things, reading books, playing games and just relaxing. Most of my free time is not really free anymore. Or, I mean it’s free in the way that I chose this but still. Most evenings and weekends are…

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  • Lifestyle

    Coffee Date

    Work coffee date with awesome company today. With me working from home and Kikki studying we just both kind of need to get out of the house every now and then.…

  • Lifestyle

    Work Work Work

    It’s really all about work right now. Not overly exciting to write about here but I’m still personally excited as there are so many amazing things in the works and the…

  • Lifestyle

    Good morning 2019

    First day back to actual full time work with emails and calls and yearly planning and all that. A ton of things to do but I’m excited, 2019 will be an…

  • Lifestyle

    December Summary

    We kicked off December with decorating our Christmas tree (super early but it was the right thing for us). I was super happy to finally have my own tree and honestly…

  • Lifestyle

    Bye Bye Christmas Tree

    I found it kind of sad but still nice, like a fresh start, to take down all the Christmas decorations today. So much of the cozy light disappears with the tree…

  • Lifestyle

    Dinner for two

    We chose a quiet new years at home this year. After work and travel and flu season, it was the perfect choice. We found a fondue set on sale and decided…

  • Lifestyle

    Merry Christmas

    I’m still in a bit of a Christmas Holiday daze. So full of good food that I never get hungry, I almost feel like I’m rolling haha. But also filled with…

  • Travel

    Mini Christmas

    I must say it’s a little bit luxurious to get to celebrate Christmas twice per year, especially if you love the holiday as much as we do. Today we celebrate “mini…

  • Lifestyle

    No pants project

    Ok, ok, not as crazy as it sounds haha. But I really made a deal with myself. After spending 4 years mostly buying “work clothes” (for me that means all black,…