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    Countryside weekend in Mainz

    Still stuck in the in between (winter and spring), and with an urgent need to escape the Karneval in Cologne this weekend, we took the train to Mainz and Patrick’s parents. With plans of nothing but relaxing and recharging we’ve been taking long walks by the fields, with a happy Milo running free and hunting birds. Yesterday we drove to a nearby city for a day at a spa, or rather “Therme”. Large pools, outdoor pools, hot pools, saunas, aroma…

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  • Lifestyle

    A little bit of both worlds

    I’m struck by the inner struggle of wanting more winter, a real winter, and the longing for spring, for the light. Because not a single day this winter did I have…

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    Date Night and Ramen

    We don’t exactly celebrate our “monthly anniversaries” but we tend to go for a nice restaurant dinner just the two of us once a month. A tradition I really like. We…

  • Lifestyle

    Puppy fluff and busy times

    Sometimes, after busy weeks with little downtime, all you really need is to bury your face in puppy fluff, take ten deep breaths and relax. So that’s what I did. All…

  • Lifestyle

    Hello Amsterdam

    Just when we finally settled in to the normal home routine with breakfast on the couch, taking the tram to work, going to the gym in the evening and watching a…

  • Lifestyle

    Home sweet home

    We’re back. Back to our own bed. Our own couch. Our own kitchen and food. Back to cuddles on the couch, to real computers with big monitors, to our balcony facing…

  • Travel

    Fabrique Stenugnsbageri

    We decided, quite spontaneously, to do a quick stop in Stockholm over New Years with a tiny bit of exploring an a New Years dinner with friends. I wanted to show…

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    Six months with him

    Six months of love, of travel, of adventures. Six months with him. It’s weird yet not at all how life can change but stay the same over night. Two years as…