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    Balcony Update

    So we finally got around to furnish and decorate the balcony. At first I did drawings for building my own lounge-couch/bed solution but it just felt like a project we would never get the time to finish. So I looked around at about every outdoor furniture store we have in Sweden but the measurements where always off. Our balcony is 190cm deep and I wanted the couch to cover all of that, no more no less, and at the same…

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  • Travel

    Going Home

    Yesterday we left Birmingham. A delayed flight made for a rough start but we definitely ended on a high. I’m not sure why but driving home yesterday was special somehow. The same…

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    April Summary

    April really flew by, I can’t believe it’s already May and time to summarise another month! Tons of work and some crazy travels, not your average april I’d say. I spent…

  • Travel

    Taipei Night Market

    I’ve been to Taipei before and some of my best memories are from the Taipei night-markets. If you want to experience one thing that kind of sums it up I’d say…

  • Travel

    Hello Taipei

    A rough million hour flight, a five hour layover in the middle of the night, sleeping on a bench in the airport and then another 3h flight and I’ve arrived in…

  • Lifestyle

    Happy Easter

    I’m not much for easter decorations, one million colourful feathers just isn’t me. But Patrick is all about seasonal decor so when we were at Depot in Mainz I made it…

  • Lifestyle

    Come on spring, you got this

    Come on spring, you got this! I believe in you! Please come back! Oh the struggle. It is freezing cold outside. There are even a couple of snowflakes tumling around now…

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    More Coffee Please

    A very Monday kind of Monday morning. Winter is back (I mean it’s snowing outside!), bad sleep and in phone queues with two different companies trying to get stuff sorted. Lots…

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    My Beautiful Friend

    Yesterday I had Sara over for lunch and a mini image viewing session. Doing what I do for friends and relatives is so special. To be able to give this gift…

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    New Cases

    Sometimes it’s the little things. Like a couple of new phone cases in the perfect colors, with the perfect patterns, that just brightens your day. These landed in my mail box…