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    With my crew

    In this crazy world tour circus that I call work I can’t stress enough how important my colleagues are. To get to work with these completely crazy but wonderful people is what makes the job so good. I can honestly say there were time I wouldn’t have made it without them. We joke and laugh and take it easy yet we produce some pretty kick ass material together. Love them all and felt like they deserved a little tribute! I…

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    Underground Food Market

    Chicken nuggets, deep fried pizza and Nutella filled churros. Hello America! Maybe not my healthiest meal but wow it was good! The fried pizza might sound strange but it gave the…

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    New York New York

    Ok, maybe more like Brooklyn New York, but that’s ok. Yesterday I finally made it outside the hotel and it wasn’t even raining! When we left the hotel the clouds were…

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    Travel Day

    Up up and away! Off to New York and one week of event work. A bit of a crazy timing just before the move but hey, you gotta do what you…

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    New York, New York

    Last month we were back in the big apple! As always busy with work, but stubborn as we are, we managed to squeeze in some time for photo walks. Wandering around…