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    Nico Two Months

    Another month in the books and our little guy is growing like crazy both physically and mentally. Almost over a night he started laughing and “talking” to us. He’s following us with his eyes and turning his head to follow the movement if we move out of sight. He’s noticing more and more of his toys but also things like shadows on the wall and lamps in the ceiling. His smiles and laughter is crazy charming and saying no to…

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  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Happy Easter

    This little Easter bunny wishes you all a happy Easter! Sadly yet another holiday where we’re not able to go to Germany to see Patricks family. Easter at his parents place…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Back in Stockholm

    We’re back in Stockholm and back to daily life and finding some sort of routines. Brand new routines I’ve discovered as Nico is completely different now than one and a half…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Becoming an aunt

    My little sister, an aunt. I think she might have been as excited as I was when I got pregnant. She was so ready to become an aunt and you can…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    A Big Pile of Gifts

    We arrived in Lund a few days ago to a big pile of gifts for Nico. This little guys is so spoiled and so lucky to have so many people who…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Meeting the Grand Parents

    Finally! I’ve really been looking forward to introducing Nico to his grand parents mormor and morfar. After five weeks of life with Nico I’m fully on board with the fact that…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Nico One Month

    One month already, how is that even possible? I think time will continue to go impossibly fast and slow at the same time for the rest of my life now. Always…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    My Birth Story

    Before I forget it, I wanted to write down my birth story. Honestly it’s already starting to feel like it happened to someone else. It’s kind of strange for me to…