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Nico Two Months

Another month in the books and our little guy is growing like crazy both physically and mentally. Almost over a night he started laughing and “talking” to us. He’s following us with his eyes and turning his head to follow the movement if we move out of sight. He’s noticing more and more of his toys but also things like shadows on the wall and lamps in the ceiling. His smiles and laughter is crazy charming and saying no to those little dimples will not be easy.

Nico can:
– Laugh the cutest little laugh
– “Talk” to us
– Hold his head high during tummy time

Nico loves:
– Laughing with me or Patrick
– Little kisses and snuggles from his favorite toy the panda rattle
– Looking att all the interesting things in the baby gym
– Watching “pocoyo” in german on Netflix

Big events:
– First Laugh
– First “conversation”
– First time meeting Mormor and Morfar
– First time meeting aunt Lotten






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