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    Decorating the tree

    Hello december, finally we’re here! I realised already when looking at the ads for this apartment back in april that we would have space for a Christmas tree, something that hasn’t been the case since I moved away from home 13 years ago. Let’s just say I’ve been more than a little excited for this moment and we went a little all in on the decorations. As neither of us had much to speak of in terms of Christmas decorations…

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  • Lifestyle

    A very merry Christmas

    Despite unplanned airport adventures, delays, lost bags and various backlashes this Christmas has been amazing. Not only did I get to spend it with my family and my special someone, I…

  • Travel

    Mainz Christmas Market

    If there’s one thing Germany does right, it’s Christmas markets. I absolutely adore all the lights and all the pretty things and the glorious smell och Christmas foods and sweets and…

  • Lifestyle

    Christmas Dinner in Sweden

    Things don’t always end up they way you intend them to. Like yesterday with our seemingly easy 1h flight from Copenhagen to Frankfurt that ended up in a 12h project and…

  • Lifestyle

    Sweet Sweet Christmas

    For the past 20 years my family has gathered for one day, just a few days before Christmas eve, to spend the day together making Christmas sweets, baking bread, grilling ham…

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    Swedish Fika

    Yesterday we dragged our bags up to the fourth floor to spend 2 weeks at my parents place in Sweden. It gets dark at 3pm here but that’s ok. There are…

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    When the rain is pouring down

    The rain is pouring down outside my hotel window and the wind does little to ease cold. The sad Christmas tree is doing it’s best to spread some Christmas joy, standing…