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    My Birth Story

    Before I forget it, I wanted to write down my birth story. Honestly it’s already starting to feel like it happened to someone else. It’s kind of strange for me to think about it. Fair warning, tis post is not for everyone, if you’re not into this just move on and come back for the next one! It started Friday evening on the 5th of February. I was doing what I did most evening at the end of my pregnancy,…

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    Hello Snowstorm

    Here I was thinking we might not get any snow this winter. Boy was I wrong! We decided to go for a walk today after our usual Saturday early morning grocery…

  • Pregnancy & Baby

    Hello Maternity Leave

    January is here and with that my maternity leave. It’s a strange feeling, all though I think last years chaos and staying at home so much helped me ease into it.…

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    Merry Christmas 2020

    First of all, a very merry Christmast to all of you! I’m so thankful to be celebrating this one with my closest family, that we could make it work despite this…