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    Filled Frames

    Last week I finally got around printing photos and artwork for the frames in our bedroom. I chose two of our own photos from our 2017 Italy roadtrip as it’s two of our favorit places. I also chose a photo of us, one of my favourites, that Marie took of us on our California vacation last year. I coupled it with an American patent application for an old camera and the feather sculpture Patrick chose before we even got access…

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    Decorating the tree

    Hello december, finally we’re here! I realised already when looking at the ads for this apartment back in april that we would have space for a Christmas tree, something that hasn’t…

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    Our Kitchen

    I thought it was finally time to properly show of our kitchen. I’d say it’s one of the things that made me fall in love with this place and we haven’t…

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    I miss my bed

    Hotel beds in all their glory but oh how I miss my own bed. We definitely need a few more decorations, bedside lamps and actual pictures in the frames but this room…

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    October Summary

    A little bit of a different summary post as this month was so chaotic in the beginning and I had to pause the blog for a bit. This was the month…

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    Slow email mornings

    I love getting to decide my own flow and where and when to work. Like today, emails from the couch in our living room in the beautiful morning light with my…

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    The reading nook

    Hello hi. Just a quick little 14 day unplanned break from blogging. Let’s just say it’s been a blur and we worked 24/7 but now we’re more or less done and…

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    Neutral Colors

    I try to avoid bright colors at home, I’m more of a neutral colors kind of person. White, sand, beige and gray are my favourites. Pretty clear from looking at our…