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    Snow Days

    After our weekly grocery shopping (almost always get that done on Saturdays, a habit from Germany I think where all stores were closed on Sundays) Patrick suggested to go for a walk in the park. We were greeted by the perfect weather. Minus 5, a weak winter sun and snow everywhere. If my legs were not dying from the cold I would’ve kept walking forever. It was so incredibly beautiful and it gives me so much energy. And with almost…

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  • Travel

    Cold Winter Days

    On the train going home but I’m not staying long. Less than 24h in fact. Just enough to get home, do one machine of laundry, repack my bag, load the car…

  • Lifestyle

    Skinnarviksberget at sunset

    This place is so dreamy and the view is magical. Looking out over all of Stockholms rooftops I’d say this must be one of the best viewing points in the city.…

  • Lifestyle

    A weekend in the city

    We had an absolutely magical weekend. One to remember for a long time. Cold and crispy, a little bit of snow and all the sunshine you can squeeze in during a…

  • Lifestyle

    One of my happy places

    This has been my happy place for 20 years. Parking the car, opening the door, taking 2 steps and a deep breath. That is all that’s needed for me to relax…