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    A little bit of Chicago

    On Monday we arrived in the windy city and dove straight into work. It’s been non stop work ever since, and frankly not much drive to go out in the windy rain. But this morning was still and although cloudy not rainy. So I braved the cold and went for a little morning walk before work. Chicago is beautiful and I wish I had more time and the weather was better, then this post would’ve been three times as long…

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  • Travel

    Sunset Rooftops

    Sometimes you just have to sneak a way for a short moment and do a sunset photoshoot with a good friend. Working in arenas is different. If you compare it to…

  • Lifestyle

    October Summary

    A little bit of a different summary post as this month was so chaotic in the beginning and I had to pause the blog for a bit. This was the month…

  • Travel

    An afternoon at Newport Beach

    An afternoon at the beach, dipping my feet in the ocean, listening to the waves and feeling the sun on my face. Instantly i feel calm and at peace. Few things…

  • Travel

    Arizona Roads

    I’m not a sports person. Let’s get that clear. One thing I am is an experience person. I find it so important to be open to the experiences life offer and…

  • Travel

    Santa Barbara Pier

    Cloudy skies and somewhat chilly winds couldn’t stop us from exploring California this week. We drove along the coast to Santa Barbara and had amazing Ice Cream at the ice cream…

  • New York

    New York, New York

    Last month we were back in the big apple! As always busy with work, but stubborn as we are, we managed to squeeze in some time for photo walks. Wandering around…