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Moving to Sweden


    Early Start to the Day

    When you reach inbox zero before 8am you know it’s going to be a good and productive day! Kicking mine off here at my favourite spot at Espresso House. Between 7 and 10am it is the most perfect place to work. It’s me and a couple of other early morning people, all with their laptops, a soft playlist over the speakers and calm surroundings. And of course a giant mug of coffee! So, progress report on the moving to Sweden…

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    Slow Days and Sunday Pancakes

    We too have days where not much happens. Today was one of those days. My family brought Milo back to Lund yesterday (we can’t bring him to the friends we’re staying…

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    When the Swedish feels off

    It’s raining outside. Again. I’m reading a new book and Milo is sleeping. Every now and then we both let out deep sighs. Our family is incomplete without Patrick here. He’s…

  • Lifestyle

    First day in Sweden

    And the first day in Sweden is over. And what a day. Slept long as we didn’t get to bed until 3am and woke to prettiest of lights though the white…

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    A tribute to our Cologne Apartment

    Boxes. Boxes everywhere. Life is all about boxes right now. 72 of them to be exact. How we managed to fit that into our 36m2 studio apartment is still a mystery…

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    A day of lasts

    Today has truly been a day of lasts. Last time taking the tram to Von-Sparr-Strasse. Last time in the office of my employer. Last time Milo got to run around like…

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    The start of something new

    Wow. How do I even begin to summarize this spring and summer? It’s been an emotional roller coaster for sure but the outcome… it’s like all the stars are aligning. So…