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    March Summary

    I can’t believe March has already come to an end! It’s spring (ah well, some days at least haha) and the sun is back! March kicked off with a skiing trip to Austria. Some near death experiences mixed with chill days in the slope and over all we had an amazing week. We went to the hotel spa every single day of our stay and enjoyed it to the fullest. Just looking at the photos brings me back. I need…

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    February Summary

    A summary not like other summaries as there is not much to summarise. Not a single post in February, and for a good reason. I want to think positive, to focus…

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    January Summary

    Not sure how but some how, the first month of the year has already come to an end. Wow what a month! A real power month I’d say and an excellent…

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    December Summary

    We kicked off December with decorating our Christmas tree (super early but it was the right thing for us). I was super happy to finally have my own tree and honestly…

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    November Summary

    Summarising another month and it just gives me so much appreciation for life and the things I get to see and do. November was filled of activities and travel but it…

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    October Summary

    A little bit of a different summary post as this month was so chaotic in the beginning and I had to pause the blog for a bit. This was the month…

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    September Summary

    So September, turned out to be a hectic but great month. Stockholm full time. Our new city. Beautiful. We started September by watching the sunset by the water at Stadshuset. Stockholm…

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    August Summary

    August, our first month in Sweden. What a wild ride! This month really passed at the blink of an eye. One of my favorit things with looking back at old blogs…