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    January Summary

    Not sure how but some how, the first month of the year has already come to an end. Wow what a month! A real power month I’d say and an excellent start to the year. Looking through my photos and posts from the past month I realise just how much it’s been about work, and I love it. Taking charge of my future, right here, right now! Jag är inte helt säker på hur, men på något sätt har årets…

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  • Lifestyle

    December Summary

    We kicked off December with decorating our Christmas tree (super early but it was the right thing for us). I was super happy to finally have my own tree and honestly…

  • Lifestyle Travel

    November Summary

    Summarising another month and it just gives me so much appreciation for life and the things I get to see and do. November was filled of activities and travel but it…

  • Lifestyle

    October Summary

    A little bit of a different summary post as this month was so chaotic in the beginning and I had to pause the blog for a bit. This was the month…

  • Lifestyle

    September Summary

    So September, turned out to be a hectic but great month. Stockholm full time. Our new city. Beautiful. We started September by watching the sunset by the water at Stadshuset. Stockholm…

  • Lifestyle

    August Summary

    August, our first month in Sweden. What a wild ride! This month really passed at the blink of an eye. One of my favorit things with looking back at old blogs…